• Analysis of the Four Major Development Trends of LED Lighting Industry in 2015

    In 2014, for the LED lighting industry, both “blooming” and “brilliant.” In 2014, for the Chinese lighting industry, it was a very worthwhile year to conclude. China’s lighting industry has entered a critical period due to the development of LED. In 2014, the export of lighting products exceeded US$40 billion, LED lighting products reached US$15 billion, and the output value of LED lighting products reached over 40% of the total output value of lighting. In 2015, challenges and opportunities coexist….

  • The analysis of situation exporting LED lamps to Thailand from China in 2015

    The lighting market in Southeast Asia has recently become a hot topic in the export of LED lighting in China. In the previous article, we learned about the import of LED lighting in Vietnam. Now we understand the lighting market in Thailand. There are fewer LED companies in Thailand. More than 80% of LED lighting fixtures need to be imported. , Invisible among the increase in China’s LED lighting sales.    According to Thailand’s export lighting industry statistics, Thailand’s lighting last…

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