ZEDU-HBK 120W 150W 200W LED UFO HIGH BAY Light IP40 Industrial Luminaire customized manufacturer in china

ZEDU-HBK 120W 150W 200W LED UFO HIGH BAY Light Materials:

Patented spinning aluminum heat dissipation structure, high quality aluminum processing technology, special surface treatment process, high power LED light source, high efficiency LED power supply.
Radiator material: AL1070

ZEDU-HBK 120W 150W 200W LED UFO HIGH BAY Light Applications:

Applicable to industrial production workshops, factories, warehouses, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums and other places that require lighting.

ZEDU-HBK 120W 150W 200W LED UFO HIGH BAY Light Features:

● Using Philips, Osram, Ruifeng LED light source, LED has high brightness, high thermal conductivity, best heat resistance, light failure, pure light, no ghosting, quality, performance and stability.

● The unique spinning aluminum heat sink design is perfectly combined with the electrical box, which effectively conducts heat diffusion and high heat dissipation efficiency, thereby reducing the temperature of the lamp body and effectively ensuring the life of the light source and the power supply.

● Very light weight, product installation and use of high safety performance;

● Environmental protection and energy, dust, no radiation, heat, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment.

● High color rendering performance, more realistic representation of the physical color. Various light colors are available to meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps. The visual comfort of the staff makes the workers more efficient.

● Using constant current control, the applicable wide voltage (AC90V-305V) overcomes the instability caused by the ballast production network, noise pollution and caused by the flashing of the lights, avoiding the irritation and fatigue caused to the eyes during work.

● Good work and decoration effect, special surface treatment process, beautiful appearance, simple installation, convenient disassembly and wide application range.

The main technical parameters of ZEDU-HBK 120W 150W 200W LED UFO HIGH BAY Light:

Parameters Details
Input Voltage 90-305VAC 50/60 Hz
LED Light Source Philips 3030
LED Qty 133pcs/210pcs/266pcs
System Consumption 120W/150W/200W
Led Initial Flux 13,000Lm, 19,200Lm, 26,000Lm
Irradiation area

(120 degree)

4M 432cm
6M 648cm
8M 864cm
Color Temperature 4000K / 5000K
Color Rendering Index Ra≥70
Light Distribution Symmetric/circular spot
Junction Temperature ≤75℃ (@ Ta=25℃)
Working Temperature -40℃~50℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~ +65℃(Best 25℃)
IP Grade IP40
Net weight 2.6 Kg/3.4 Kg/4.2 Kg
Working Life-span >50000H
Power line 1.0mm² Three core wire
Connect Wire Brown L FireWire
Blue N Zero line
Yellow/Green G Ground line
Certificate CE ; RoHS ; UL (Power supply only)
The color of the lamp shell Black

Note: Different color temperature LED light performance deviation, deviation value≤5%.

● Within our 5 years warranty of products , if you meet any quality problem, we guarantee we send you brand-new one of the same model with free cost and free DHL or UPS delivery fast.

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